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Buffalo Pokie

In 2006, Aristocrat introduced Buffalo slots to casinos before the online version. The game has graphics that match illustrations in magazines and replaces older paylines times the bet in each betting system. This one uses the Xtra Reel innovative Power system. The new system is an improvement that is better than the famous 243-reel power betting. The game symbols are inspired by the wildlife library in North America. The titular creature of the game is an American Bison, that everyone calls a Buffalo. Other creatures are the Elk, Bald Eagle, and Puma. Due to its popularity, it is easy to find Buffalo slots in any online casino.

Buffalo Slot Machine Review

You will notice that Buffalo slot machine has no paylines and the symbols do not appear in a particular way. It is not necessary to memorize confusing payline patterns so that a win is denoted. If enough specific symbol appears anywhere on the consecutive reels, which starts from the left, you win.

Since there is no specific pattern how the symbols should be placed, there are a lot of winning combinations. The game has 5 reels and 4 spaces on every reel, that has a total of 11 symbols, each having its own pay table. The traditional card ranks from ace through 9 and there are 5 animal symbols.

Play Buffalo Slot for Free Online

The Buffalo slots free play gets activated randomly so it is not necessary for you to watch the reels with the hopes of landing a bonus. In case it happens, you are going to receive 6 free spins, and all animals become White Buffalos. You will have a lot more chances to having winning combinations at Buffalo pokie machine.

Buffalo Free Spins Bonus Feature

6 free spins that is randomly activated, which means you can never tell when you will have it.

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