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Royal Win Pokie

The royal win slot is a product of Sphinomenal. The royal slots feature a 4×4 grid and characters from a standard deck of cards. It comes with an autoplay mode and pretty good RTP of 96%. However, it is one of the few video slots that guarantee a win after a losing streak. The royal win slot has four reels and four lines. In terms of betting, the player can choose from £0.20 to £200. All that makes it very popular with players that want to try their luck playing a bit different slot, one that doesn’t follow the standard game patterns.

How to operate the Royal Win Casino Slot online?

There is nothing complicated about the royal slot machine as everything about it is straightforward. There is a meter placed on the left side of the grid that is filled every time the player loses. After five consecutive losses, the player receives unlimited free spins until he wins something. You can easily earn 500x the stake at no extra cost. But keep in mind that every time you change the size of your bet, the meter rollbacks to zero. The royal win meter also goes to zero after a win.

Rules and tips to succeed when playing Royal Win Slot Online

The fact that there are no pay lines means that one must consider all symbols as scatters. The best way to approach playing the royal win slots is by not having any strategy, at least not in a classical way. The royal pokies are all about luck, being patient, and stay in the game for as long as possible. Spread your money well, and wait for the big win. That’s the best advice one can have on this slot.

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